CarbonAi Story

The race to achieve deep, rapid carbon emissions reductions is the greatest challenge of our time. It is also the greatest opportunity.

At CarbonAi, we’re optimists. We believe that, collectively, we can rise to meet the greenhouse gas reduction challenge. We believe that the urgent task of carbon emissions management is not a problem of technology but of logistics and processes, one that can be solved with the right approach, model, and systems.

CarbonAi has the tools, expertise and experience to help companies meet the climate challenge and seize the tremendous opportunity it presents. Our goal is to make emissions reductions easy. CarbonAi provides software solutions to help companies identify and track their emissions and to reduce them. We also develop and monetize carbon credits—and other environmental assets—that result from those reductions.

CarbonAi’s founding leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience working with companies throughout the world in:

This world-class team is now turning its experience and expertise to the urgent and complex challenge of methane emissions reductions, helping clients to streamline their regulatory compliance obligations, while creating opportunities for new revenue streams through carbon credit monetization.