CarbonAi welcomes Yvan Champagne, Chief Carbon Officer

Source: CarbonAi

CarbonAi Inc. expands its team with Yvan Champagne, Chief Carbon Officer

Calgary, Alberta | August 24, 2021 - CarbonAi Inc. is pleased to announce that greenhouse gas (GHG) and climate finance executive Yvan Champagne has joined CarbonAi’s team as Chief Carbon Officer. Yvan has an extensive background in the financing, development and execution of large-scale emission reduction projects and most recently served as Founder and President of Bluesource Methane, responsible for executing an award-winning methane reduction program involving 40 oil & gas producers across Alberta, Canada. 

“The science on climate change and the urgent need to deliver significant methane emissions could not be clearer,” notes Yvan, “and with the right support and guidance, the oil & gas sector is uniquely positioned to deliver immediate, large-scale reductions. I am very excited to join the exceptional team at CarbonAi and look forward to working closely with our key partners to identify and implement large, point-source methane and GHG reduction projects across the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.”

“We’ve worked closely with Yvan on a series of cutting-edge initiatives in Canada, and we look forward to bringing that expertise to our clients and partners across the Middle East,” Ryan Arsenault, Founder & CEO, CarbonAi.

Prior to the founding of Bluesource Methane, Yvan spent eight years overseeing project sourcing, carbon credit sales and brokerage, and advisory services for the Canadian market at Bluesource. Prior to Bluesource, his experience includes environmental strategy and program advisory, government and public affairs, and growing early-stage technology companies. Yvan holds a B.A. in Political Science from Yale University and earned an MBA through a joint international program of the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern) and Schulich School of Business (York). Yvan is also a board member/advisor to Planetary Hydrogen and Noble Mineral Exploration and serves as a national co-chair for the Canadian working group for IETA, the International Emissions Trading Association.


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