Lukla & CarbonAi Combine Forces to Digitize and Automate GHG Emission Reduction Data Management

Source: CarbonAi

Lukla subscribers will soon notice a change in their favourite cloud-based information management platform

CarbonAi Inc. (CarbonAi) is very pleased to announce that it has acquired Lukla Inc. (Lukla), leveraging the content management and automated human workflow platform to enhance its robust suite of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction data tools.

Lukla users will still enjoy the same seamless content management benefits offered by Lukla ECM™ and Lukla Tasks™, but will find them offered under Ottomate For Business and renamed, respectively, as OttoFiles and OttoTasks. Yoeri Geerits, Head of Growth for OttoMate, explains: “The new name is intended to capture the power of digitizing and automating traditionally manual processes and the enormous gains in terms of efficiency and productivity that generates.” This speaks to CarbonAi’s mission to leverage data and digital tools to scale the aggregation, calculation and verification of large-scale GHG emissions reductions across a variety of industries.

Based in Calgary and Dubai, CarbonAi is a world-leading developer of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects and GHG emissions quantification and monetization solutions. CarbonAi Projects provides full-cycle GHG reduction services, from project finance, design and construction, to the quantification, verification and sale of assets resulting from GHG reductions. CarbonAi Solutions is a cloud-based platform based on the Lukla platform. It aggregates and manages data from diverse GHG reduction sources, enabling real-time performance monitoring and forecasting, and streamlining the quantification, verification and crediting of a variety of environmental assets.

“Acquiring Lukla marks a significant step for CarbonAi and our vision of adding transparency and audibility to greenhouse gas accounting,” explained Ryan Arsenault the founder and CEO of both CarbonAi and Lukla. “Just as Lukla's world-proven SaaS architecture and field-deployed data solutions have spurred transformative growth for Lukla’s clients, this integration will support a badly needed scale-up in global data-driven climate solutions."

The key to the potential of this amalgamation is the fact that Lukla and CarbonAi have very strong technical and commercial overlap. “We found that many of our discussions with Lukla clients in oil and gas also presented opportunities that applied to the reduction and monetization of greenhouse gas emissions,” observed CarbonAi’s Chief Carbon Officer, Yvan Champagne. “So, it began to make sense for us to look at those opportunities through the single lens of CarbonAi, particularly in terms of monitoring, crediting, verifying and monetizing GHG emissions reductions.” He concluded that, “Having the Lukla tools as part of CarbonAi will only strengthen that perspective.”

Both Lukla and CarbonAi have strong commercial track records of applied innovation, and combining forces will open up exciting new opportunities. And while OttoMate will primarily support climate-related applications, Chad Kapatch, former Head of Development at Lukla and now CTO at CarbonAi, notes that current users of Lukla will benefit as well. “The strategic acquisition opens doors for CarbonAi to become a leader in data-driven solutions for greenhouse gas reductions, while also continuing to provide valuable insights to Lukla’s existing client base and others in oil and gas and a wide range of industries.”

Combining the development pathway of the CarbonAi and Lukla platforms will create numerous benefits for current and new Lukla users, as Yoeri Geerits points out: “Lukla has always been focussed on solving real-life business problems by eliminating data bottlenecks, driving efficiency and boosting productivity. This acquisition will accelerate our product development which, in turn, will benefit our current and future clients.”

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Lukla & CarbonAi Combine Forces to Digitize and Automate GHG Emission Reduction Data Management
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