Privacy Policy


At CarbonAi, we champion transparency, auditability, and the responsible use of data. Our suite of Data-driven SaaS applications is intricately designed to deliver these foundational principles across various industries, with a particular focus on environmental initiatives.

Our commitment revolves around ensuring that your data is treated with the utmost privacy and security, forming the bedrock of our service offerings. At CarbonAi, transparency and auditability are not just features; they are the underlying factors driving our platforms. This privacy policy serves as our pledge to safeguard your information while providing you with the tools and insights needed for your projects.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our privacy practices outlined in this policy. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out using the provided contact information. Your trust in CarbonAi is pivotal to our shared journey towards a future defined by responsible data usage and positive impact.

Information Collected

At CarbonAi, we are dedicated to transparency regarding the types of information we collect, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of how your data is handled. The information we collect falls into the following categories:

  1. Personal Information: This may include but is not limited to names, email addresses, and other contact details provided by users during account creation or interaction with our platforms.
  2. Operational Data: We collect data generated during the use of our platforms, including but not limited to transactional information, usage patterns, and preferences. This operational data is crucial for improving our services and tailoring them to meet your needs effectively.
  3. Device and Network Information: To enhance your user experience and ensure the compatibility of our services, we may collect information about the devices and networks you use to access our platforms. This includes IP addresses, device types, and browser information.
  4. Automatically Collected Information: Our platforms utilize cookies and similar technologies to automatically collect certain information. This may include, but is not limited to, log data, analytics data, and information about your interaction with our platforms.
  5. Project-Specific Data: Depending on the nature of your engagement with CarbonAi Solutions, Ottomate OttoTasks, or Ottomate OttoFiles, we may collect project-specific data to provide you with tailored and effective solutions. This may include data related to environmental projects, field-driven tasks, or documentation requirements.

It's important to note that our focus on data collection is always aligned with providing you with transparent, auditable, and secure services. By utilizing the information outlined above, we aim to deliver a seamless and personalized experience while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security.

How Information is Collected

At CarbonAi, we employ various methods to collect information, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience while upholding the principles of transparency and privacy. Here's how we collect information:

  1. Direct User Interaction: We collect information directly from users when they interact with our platforms, create accounts, submit forms, or engage in other activities that involve providing personal or project-specific details.
  2. Automated Technologies: Our platforms utilize cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to automatically collect information. These technologies enhance the functionality of our services, allowing us to recognize and remember user preferences.
  3. Third-Party Sources: In some instances, we may collect information from third-party sources, such as integrated services or partners. This may include information that enhances the accuracy and completeness of the data we hold.
  4. System Logs: We maintain system logs that capture technical information about your interactions with our platforms. These logs help us monitor system performance, troubleshoot issues, and ensure the security of our services.
  5. Communication and Support: Information may be collected during your communication with our support team or through other communication channels. This data is used to address inquiries, provide assistance, and enhance our overall service.
  6. Project-Specific Data Collection: For users engaging with CarbonAi Solutions, Ottomate OttoTasks, or Ottomate OttoFiles, project-specific data is collected in accordance with the nature of the engagement. This may involve the collection of data related to environmental projects, field-driven tasks, or documentation requirements.

Our commitment is to be transparent about the methods we employ to collect information and to use these methods responsibly. If you have specific questions about the data collection processes or wish to learn more, please reach out using the contact information provided in the "Contact Information" section of this policy.

Purpose of Collection

At CarbonAi, the collection of information serves specific and transparent purposes, all geared toward delivering a seamless, personalized, and secure experience for our users. Here are the key purposes for which we collect and process information:

  1. Platform Functionality: We collect information to ensure the proper functioning of our platforms, allowing users to create accounts, access features, and engage in activities related to CarbonAi Solutions, Ottomate OttoTasks, or Ottomate OttoFiles.
  2. User Experience Enhancement: Information is utilized to enhance the user experience, providing personalized content and tailoring our services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each user.
  3. Project Integrity and Transparency: For users engaging with CarbonAi Solutions and Ottomate OttoTasks, the collection of project-specific data is essential for ensuring the integrity, transparency, and auditability of environmental projects and field-driven data collection tasks. This includes the reduction of emissions, generation of credits or attributes, and the execution of auditable and transparent data collection requirements.
  4. Service Improvement: We analyze collected data to gain insights into the usage patterns, preferences, and needs of our users. This information is instrumental in continually improving and optimizing our platforms, features, and overall service offerings.
  5. Communication and Support: Information collected during user communication, including support interactions, is used to address inquiries, provide assistance, and offer timely and relevant support to our users.
  6. Legal and Compliance Requirements: We may collect and process information to comply with legal obligations and regulatory requirements. This includes ensuring the security of our platforms and preventing unauthorized access or activities.
  7. Internal Operations: Collected data is used for internal operations, including system monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintaining the security and integrity of our infrastructure.

Our commitment is to use the information we collect responsibly and in alignment with these specific purposes. If you have any questions about how your data is used or if you seek additional information about the purposes of collection, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details provided in the "Contact Information" section of this policy.

User Rights

At CarbonAi, we believe in empowering our users and respecting their rights regarding their personal information. As a user of our platforms, you have the following rights:

  1. Right to Access: You have the right to request access to the personal information we hold about you. This includes details about the categories of data we collect, the purposes of processing, and the recipients of your information.
  2. Right to Rectification: If you believe that the information we have about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to request the correction or completion of your data.
  3. Right to Erasure: You have the right to request the deletion of your personal information under certain circumstances, such as when the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
  4. Right to Restriction of Processing: In certain situations, you have the right to request the restriction of the processing of your personal information. This means that we will limit the way we use your data.
  5. Right to Object: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information, including for purposes such as direct marketing or when we rely on legitimate interests as the legal basis for processing.
  6. Right to Data Portability: You have the right to receive a copy of your personal information in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. You may also have the right to request the transfer of your data to another data controller.
  7. Right to Withdraw Consent: If we rely on your consent as the legal basis for processing your information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.

To exercise any of these rights or if you have questions regarding your rights, please contact us using the details provided in the "Contact Information" section of this policy. We will respond to your requests in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

It's important to note that some of these rights may be subject to exceptions or limitations based on local data protection laws.

Data Security

At CarbonAi, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We have implemented robust measures to safeguard your data against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Here's an overview of our data security practices:

  1. Encryption: We use encryption technologies to protect the transmission of data between your device and our platforms. This ensures that your information remains confidential and secure during transfer.
  2. Access Controls: Access to your personal information is restricted to authorized personnel who require access for legitimate purposes. Our access controls and authentication mechanisms help prevent unauthorized access to your data.
  3. Regular Security Audits: We conduct regular security audits and assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in our systems. This proactive approach allows us to continuously enhance the security of our platforms.
  4. Data Minimization: We follow the principle of data minimization, only collecting and retaining the information necessary for the specified purposes. This reduces the risk associated with unnecessary data exposure.
  5. Security Training: Our team undergoes regular security training to stay informed about the latest threats and best practices. This ensures a culture of security awareness within our organization.
  6. Incident Response: In the event of a data security incident, we have established procedures for prompt and effective response. This includes notifying affected parties and relevant authorities, as required by applicable data protection laws.

While we implement and maintain these measures to protect your personal information, it's important to note that no system can guarantee absolute security. If you have any concerns about the security of your data or if you become aware of any potential vulnerabilities, please contact us immediately using the details provided in the "Contact Information" section of this policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

At CarbonAi, we are committed to keeping you informed about how your personal information is handled. As our services evolve and improve, we may update this privacy policy to reflect changes in our practices and to ensure compliance with applicable laws. Here's what you need to know about changes to the privacy policy:

  1. Notification of Changes: We will notify you of any material changes to this privacy policy through prominent announcements on our platforms or by other means of communication.
  2. Review Periodically: It's important to review this privacy policy periodically to stay informed about how we collect, use, and protect your personal information. The "Last Updated" date at the top of the policy indicates when the policy was last revised.
  3. Express Consent for Material Changes: In cases where applicable data protection laws require it, we will seek your express consent for material changes to the privacy policy before such changes take effect.
  4. Continued Use of Services: Your continued use of our services following the posting of changes to the privacy policy constitutes acceptance of those changes. If you do not agree with the terms of the updated policy, you may choose to discontinue the use of our services.

We encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about the changes to this privacy policy. You can contact us using the details provided in the "Contact Information" section.

This privacy policy is effective as of the "Last Updated" date mentioned at the top and supersedes all previous versions. We appreciate your trust in CarbonAi, and we are committed to maintaining the transparency and integrity of our privacy practices.

Contact Information

Your privacy and satisfaction are important to us at CarbonAi. If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding our privacy practices, the information we hold about you, or any other matter, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us using the following contact details:

Mailing Address:

550 11 Ave SW #1100
Calgary, AB
T2R 1M7

Email: [email protected]

We are committed to responding to your inquiries promptly and addressing any concerns you may have. Your feedback is valuable in helping us maintain the highest standards of privacy and security.

Thank you for choosing CarbonAi. We appreciate your trust and are here to assist you with any privacy-related matters.