Helping Organizations Manage and Monetize their GHG-Reduction Data

Governments and companies around the world are pledging to drastically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. Doing so requires a clear understanding of current (or baseline) emissions and the ability to clearly demonstrate and quantify emissions reductions over time. GHG management is thus a significant data challenge.

How can businesses ensure regulatory compliance while realizing the economic opportunities related to GHG emissions? By quantifying and demonstrating emissions reductions on a flexible, integrated data monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) platform. CarbonAi Solutions is just such a platform.

Data challenges related to emissions management include:

Lost revenues due to data error,gaps and inefficiencies

Ensuring traceability andauditability to verify reductions

Aggregating data originatingfrom diverse, dispersed sources

Monitoring real-time performanceand detecting anomalies

Cumbersome and error-pronemanual data processes

Tracking data back to the sourceto ensure verifiable origin

CarbonAi: World-leading GHG Reduction, Monetization

CarbonAi is a world-leading provider of fully integrated GHG reduction and monetization infrastructure. It provides full-cycle GHG reduction project services from origination, finance, construction and operation, to carbon credit documentation, verification and sale. CarbonAi’s leadership team has over 75 years of experience in GHG project development, carbon finance and carbon markets, and engineering and project management for complex energy projects in the Middle East and Africa.

CarbonAi Solutions: Integrated GHG Emissions Data Platform

CarbonAi Solutions is a proprietary software platform that automates real-time GHG emissions measurement, monitoring, verification and reporting. Solutions streamlines the exchange and management of GHG emissions data between diverse, dispersed, often-remote data sources. The software underlying Solutions has integrated over 12,500 methane-emitting devices, managed over 1.5 million files in 13 countries and supported the verification of over 3.1 million tonnes of CO2 reductions, reducing verification data error (and related costs) from 7 percent to less than 1 percent. Solutions offers three distinct but related use cases: Crediting, DMRV and Flare Gas Inventory.

CarbonAi Crediting

CarbonAi Crediting automates real-time emissions measurement, monitoring, verification and reporting. This streamlines the validation, quantification, verification and registration of carbon credits by replacing cumbersome, error-and manipulation-prone manual systems with digital processes. Crediting automates the monitoring and calculation of GHG reductions against compliance and voluntary protocols for numerous project types, jurisdictions, and markets, creating tremendous flexibility, and drastically streamlining the MRV and credit registration processes. The Crediting dashboard also allows credit developers and marketers to monitor and manage their portfolio in real-time.

Digital Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

Scaling markets to achieve the GHG reductions needed to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement will require streamlining of validation, verification, registration and transfer of emission reduction credits. Robust digital monitoring, reporting and verification (DMRV) tools will be critical to this process. DMRV creates new efficiencies by automating data aggregation, management and processing according to voluntary and compliance requirements. DMRV can thus support the scaling GHG reductions, ensuring that those reductions are real and verifiable, while reducing time and costs associated with MRV.

CarbonAi FIELD: Resolving the “First Mile” Data Problem

Gaps in project data can result in serious verification, commercial and regulatory risk. CarbonAi FIELD (First-Mile Inventory, Emissions & Location Data Capture) resolves this by automating human workflow management, allowing for the easy assignment, tracking and verification of field tasks, such as inspections and repairs. CarbonAi FIELD enables field teams to gather data from remote devices using audit-worthy means like geolocation, geotagging and API connections. In GHG reduction projects to date, FIELD has managed the completion of more than 24,000 manual inspections, providing a verifiable audit trail to the data source.

CarbonAi Solutions Inventory

Governments and businesses may face compliance and economic risk due to emissions sources that are not identified, quantified or monitored. CarbonAi Solutions offers a dynamic, customizable dashboard that allows organizations to inventory numerous, geographically dispersed GHG emissions sources. CarbonAi’s Inventory tool allows companies and regulators to identify and monitor GHG emissions sources, such as pneumatic devices and flare gas installations, for purposes of regulatory reporting and GHG quantification. Inventory also allows for real-time monitoring that can allow producers to identify anomalous performance, reducing lost revenues and regulatory risk.

Project Monitoring, Forecasting and Portfolio Management

Ongoing monitoring, tracking and forecasting of emissions performance can be crucial for project economics, off-taker assurance and minimizing verification risk. The Solutions Crediting platform includes a dynamic, highly customizable dashboard that allows companies to track current emissions and forecast future emissions reductions and revenues, and alert companies of anomalous performance. This can identify performance issues that, if left unattended, could result in material increases in GHG emissions and lost revenues.

Ongoing, real-time data-gathering and monitoring ensures continuous proof of performance, eliminating potential data gaps during which emissions reductions activities might not be provable. It can also reduce costs and risks associated with site visits for project personnel and verifiers. Incorporating project emissions reduction performance into the carbon market/GHG management strategy of project stakeholders, such as investors, hosts, sellers and off-takers.

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